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The barbaric incarceration of America's youth

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"According to Human Rights Watch there are over three hundred youths in California prisons facing life without parole. "The United States is the only country in the world where people who were under age 18 at the time of their crime serve sentences of life without parole. Nationally, more than 2,500 youth offenders are serving these sentences,"  HRW says in a study released yesterday after six years of research. 

Some countries refuse to have extradition agreements with the US due to the barbaric and racist justice system here.  We have over two million people in prison, more than any other country in the world so this treatment of youth should not surprise us.  And as HRW points out with regard to youth here, "In California, 45 percent of 127 cases surveyed, youth who had been sentenced to life without parole had not been the person to physically commit a murder..... They included a youth who stood by the garage door as a lookout during a car theft, a youth who sat in the getaway car during a burglary, and a youth who participated in a robbery in which murder was not part of the plan." "

These and other points are made in this article below from Facts for Working People

The barbaric incarceration of America's youth


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