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The unspoken battle: sexual harassment within law enforcement agencies Written by Lucy Marshman 4428
Permanently on the run? The fate of high-profile offenders Written by Ciaran McCullagh 3253
The true cost of construction site theft Written by SafeSite Facilities 4903
The state, corporate crime and social harm: a state for the people? Written by Keith Shier 7086
Western Media/governments complicit in Zionist brutality Written by Richard Mellor 2915
The poor get punished, while the rich get privileges: a note on the Mayo pipeline Written by Graham Cambridge 6121
The silent sex: men and violence Written by Robert Bolton 3323
Hip-hop and gangland crime in Limerick Written by Orla O'Callaghan 4884
Transgression: the essence of order? Written by Anca Minescu, Lorcan Byrne, Tristan Laing, Tony O’Connor, Lukasz Dabkowski, Onur Bakir and William Brady 6486
Crimeing people Written by Muzaffar Ali, Shuo Liu, Irena Loveikaite, Amin Sharifi, Mark Timoney, Aisling Tuite and Joel Walmsley 4679
The delusion of prison Written by Robert Bolton 3781
Closing rural police stations and crime prevention in Ireland Written by Robert Bolton 3361
Betraying the trust of a nation Written by Amy Coleman 3518
Irish PM: Magdalene laundries product of harsh Ireland - but no apology Written by BBC News 2317
The death penalty and the nagging itch of wrongful convictions Written by Lesley Honan Loucks 3051
Damning report into St Patrick’s finds forced stripping, excessive force and intimidation Written by The Journal 2297
Holy Catholic Ireland: "the delinquency and arrogance of a particular version of a particular kind of morality" Written by Steven Robinson 2606
Abolish China's labour camps now Written by South China Post 2001
Ethics, intellectualism and Michael D. Written by Irish Times, with comment from CS 1899
Gambian 'Kongi's Harvest': mass executions - and their halting Written by Biko Agozino & BBC News 1951
Cannabis 'no worse than junk food', says report Written by The Independent 1835
Mau Mau veterans win historic victory Written by Richard Mellor 1749
Life on Big Mountain: crime, class and an uphill struggle Written by Trevor James 2062
Making friends: US kills Indian fisherman, wounds three in Persian Gulf Written by Colin Sumner 1684
Government to open up publicly funded research Written by Dept. of Business Innovation and Skills 1792
Electric shocks on the disabled in Mass. USA update Written by 1772
From Bangor to North Korea: Curfew orders in North Wales Written by Mike Brogden 2974
Banking frauds: the failure of liberal-left criminology Written by Steve Hall 2695
Banking: the Diamond standard, a culture of cheating without prosecution Written by Colin Sumner 2100
Declining moral standards amongst our youths? Written by RTHK 2551
Sexual assault by police and soldiers in Uganda Written by Colin Sumner 2429
You Are All Suspects Now. What Are You Going to Do About It? Written by John Pilger, Truth Out 2427
Torture, not medicine. Graphic scene of shock treatment on young boy Written by Facts for Working People 2653
Lost innocence: children accused of sex crimes in Hong Kong Written by Michael Adorjan 6230
A Greek tragedy as suicides soar Written by Facts for Working People 2117
Facebook foolishness by lawmen Written by Russell Webster 2152
US soldier massacres Afghan civilians Written by Richard Mellor 1983
Going straight, or not, after a prison sentence Written by Ros Burnett 3074
Where next for criminal justice? Written by David Faulkner 2916
The barbaric incarceration of America's youth Written by Facts for Working People 2370
Bronx activists defend abortion rights Written by Facts for Working People 2128
The Crime and Disorder Act - overlapping legislation or a forgotten philosophy? Written by Laurence Grant 4348
You're not crazy. "It's the system stupid" Written by Richard Mellor 2511
Now I get why evangelistic criminology should be avoided... Written by Fernanda Fonseca Rosenblatt 2736
Murderous catastrophe for Iraqi people Written by Sean, Facts for Working People 2228
US elections: Corruption, bribery and a book signing Written by Richard Mellor 2539
Mobiles, social media and prison Written by Russell Webster 2960
Clarkson: The Rich Get Richer, the Poor Get Prison… Written by Steve Tombs 2702
Two years for itinerant graffiti artist Written by Trevor James 3876
Injustice upon Injustice. London 2012 and the enduring legacies of Bhopal Written by Frank Pearce and Steve Tombs 2972
Consumer protest and the grey market as iPhone4 release causes 'pandemonium' in Hong Kong Written by Karen A. Joe Laidler 2714
Occupy Oakland update: City Council smear tactics Written by Richard Mellor 2153
Cops use sound cannon, heavy force and rubber bullets at Occupy Oakland Written by Richard Mellor 2263
The New York "Miracle" Written by Joe Domanick, The Crime Report 2806
Protests grow around the world Written by Richard Mellor 2154
Better policing keeps crime rates down Written by The Crime Report 2424
Bradley Manning now 500 days in confinement Written by Richard Mellor 2685
Excessive billing and private profit in Medicare Written by Richard Mellor 2509
Mother charged with felonies for "education theft" Written by Richard Mellor 2343
Homelessness and offending Written by @TooManyBlueys 3007
800,000 Americans kicked out of their homes by bankers and speculators Written by Richard Mellor 3279
Punishing juveniles in the USA: the death penalty and life without parole Written by Curtis Jackson-Jacobs 4291
Top 50 Criminal Justice Blogs Written by Colin Sumner 2775
London riots: the limits of Left and Right Written by Will Davies 2716
Unauthorized riot photos Written by Colin Sumner 2876
Riots in UK - No Surprise! Written by Richard Mellor 3300
Protesters drive back riot cops in Woolwich Written by Richard Mellor 2660
Cops fatally shoot another young black man in San Francisco Written by Facts for Working People 3247
US Drones kill 54 as insane US foreign policy acts as recruiting agent for "terrorists" Written by Richard Mellor 2918
Justice: RIP? Written by Milliemoo 3017
Chronicle of deaths foretold Written by Dave Whyte and Steve Tombs 3048
Famous Cases : R v Müller Written by Leslie Blake 3337
Madoff, fraud and Wall Street Written by Gregg Barak 3411
Evidence of child abuse in cults and social groups Written by Neil Brick 5660
Terrorism, economic crisis, and state-corporate crime Written by Gregg Barak 3175
A crisis of law enforcement Written by Steve Tombs and Dave Whyte 3168
Dismantling the reasons of state Written by Dave Whyte 2888
New report exposes risks for undocumented UK workers Written by Jon Burnett and Dave Whyte 2927
Health and safety in the 'big society' Written by Steve Tombs and Dave Whyte 4006
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