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Best of capitalism over by 2060, with no way to identify the villains?

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I wouldn't want to worry readers, but since most of you probably think life is a cruel farce anyway Paul Mason's reading of the latest OECD report will probably come as good news. The best of capitalism will be over by 2060, according to their stats, which are linked in to the piece below by the way, and global inequality will increase massively, along with a decrease in world growth. See The best of capitalism is over for rich countries – and for the poor ones it will be over by 2060. The byline is 'Populations with access to technology and a sense of their human rights will not accept inequality'.

It must be true, because this is elite data: "One of the upsides of having a global elite is that at least they know what's going on. We, the deluded masses, may have to wait for decades to find out who the paedophiles in high places are; and which banks are criminal, or bust. But the elite are supposed to know in real time – and on that basis to make accurate predictions." OK, Paul Mason, fair point, but what about your next point?

"And then there's the migration problem. To make the central scenario work, Europe and the USA each have to absorb 50 million migrants between now and 2060, with the rest of the developed world absorbing another 30 million. Without that, the workforce and the tax base shrinks so badly that states go bust." So, we will never know who are the criminal bankers because by then the Daily Mail will have blamed the incoming migrants for all that went before....

In any case, as Paul rightly says, the effects of high-carbon emissions will have kicked in anyway so, as already implied by my local council in Lincolnshire [shame on your 'advertising'{jcomments on} campaign, fridge magnets and all, bastards!], we will all be rowing dinghies down Shit Street - and, even with a paddle, the internet reception in a failed and very wet state is unlikely.

Lincolnshire County Council flooding adverts

It gets worse: as Picketty and this Report suggest, there will need to be more tax on the wealthy with all their offshore and by then probably off-planet tax havens. They will have gone and we will never catch them on Mars in rowing boats and dinghies! So, frankly, I am not inspired by Paul's conclusion, after he openly sees that the OECD's answer is simply more globalisation and more privatisation, i.e. more of the same that got us into this mess in the first place: "The ultimate lesson from the report is that, sooner or later, an alternative programme to "more of the same" will emerge. Because populations armed with smartphones, and an increased sense of their human rights, will not accept a future of high inequality and low growth."

In other words, those of us who are down here in the undergrowth are fucked, but it is down to us to save ourselves. Spot on, Paul, because no-one else will. Twas ever thus. The deeper implication and really important point of all this though is that there will be very little criminology by 2060, above ground or underwater, and therefore in anticipation we expect CrimeTalk to have ceased functioning by then. Sorry, but at 111 I could not be expected to row a boat and write at the same time......get real!


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