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CrimeTalk is an educational resource in criminology, combining e-zine, scientific journal, news, forums, comment, reviews, library, social network centre, a bookshop and classifieds. I created it during 2010, although the ideas combined in its formation have much older and deeper roots in my experiences as a research professor, journal editor, curriculum designer, thesis supervisor, funding council assessor, bookseries/reviews/handbook editor, and senior educational manager. I was very much trying to create something that went beyond the many things that irriitated me in teaching, researching and publishing for four decades; the elements of those creative processes that give me pleasure still inspire this project.

Although I did much of the website design, any technical sophistication and efficiency should be credited to Tahir Rasul, of Oogloo web design and development, working in Pakistan through the good offices of US-based company ODesk, whose knowledge of the right software and feel for the project made it possible. My thanks to my son Ben Sumner, general manager at Delicious Digital, for suggesting ODesk and making several valuable comments on my ideas.Throughout this project, my wife, Patricia Sumner, has been ever-supportive and made many astute observations. You need faith in a big project like this: the computing world does not make DIY easy.

Full credit should be given to the many people who have contributed over the years to the Joomla content management system which underpins this website, to the designers of the RocketTheme style template for the site, to the Kunena team for the Comment board, to JoomlaWorks for the K2 CMS we used for the CrimWiki, and to Slashes & Dots in Malaysia for their JomSocial network soiftware. Most of this software is produced by US companies, and my web host, HostGator, whose services have been first-class, is also based over there.

Any queries about the development and history of CrimeTalk should be addressed to the Editor at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The image on this page derives from an original work by Colleen Allen which you can find at her Girls of Woe site 



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