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All submissions of article writing of any length are welcome, but also news stories, web links, short videos, definitions of key terms and reviews. If you want to submit a comment, an article or column to CrimeTalk, consider the value of discussing it beforehand with the editor at 

Feature articles should be between 1500 and 3500 words long. Various formats are possible, e.g. PC/Mac, Word/Pages, etc. but in all cases simple fonts and layouts, with minimal carriage returns and consistent spacing, will work best for editorial purposes. We can also handle streaming video, podcasts, photos,etc.

Reviews and short comments, up to 1500 words, can just be sent to the editor or posted directly onto bulletin boards.

We expect to be able to publish materials very quickly indeed after agreement with the editor - much quicker than academic journals. If you need or want peer review of an article, we can arrange that.

Of course, as they say in all such publications, the final decision on publication rests with me, the editor. Sounds bad, but you could argue for ever about some of these issues and someone just has to make a judgment call at the end of the day. I will be very liberal for some tastes, no doubt, because I want to encourage the evolution of thought and knowledge, involving reflection and debate, and this requires, in the human sciences at least, exploring often quite opposed and diverse points of view and even distasteful topics. But a line will be drawn when it has to be, probably to avoid inflaming too many troubled waters and offending people unnecessarily.

Stylistically, no doubt CrimeTalk will evolve its own style but in the first instance our intention is to create a publication which can encompass the styles of serious journalism, quality scholarship and popular debate. Your text needs to be understood by a diverse readership approximating to the old 'general reader' who in 2010 might well do general reading on his or her mobile, iPad or laptop, on the move!

We also function as a publisher and want to publish and sell quality work of various lengths as e-books or as digitized scientific papers.

All items appearing on CrimeTalk are the copyright of CrimeTalk, except by special agreement with the Editor. As all writers know, this means very little in practice because, at a minimum, it is very easy to develop a piece for re-publication, and because we all want to behave fairly and cooperatively. In addition, CrimeTalk will publish materials copyrighted elsewhere, with permission of course, because of their importance to our subject.

This naturally leads to the usual disclaimer: the views of any one contributor should not be assumed to be the views of the Editor or the Columnists, nor vice versa. CrimeTalk aims to be fairly diverse politically but it is openly committed to values which stand against hate speech of any kind. Far from it, CrimeTalk is committed generally to the dissolution, resolution, calming down, moderation, reduction and general chilling out of the conflicts in human relationships which lead to offence or crime, censure, punishment, exclusion and alienation. Any publication herein which appears to breach those values does so unintentionally. All authors agree to indemnify CrimeTalk against any costs their text incurs.


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