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There have been substantial costs in building a site like this, and none of the contributors get paid either. But I am not asking for subscriptions. Our labour is therefore currently free. Eventually, once it is clear that we are providing a substantial educational service comparable to that of academic journals, universities, colleges, and other agencies we might go down that route. In the meantime, we need help with our development costs: please donate whatever you can now, using the button below, to help keep this venture afloat.

Alternatively, UK readers, whenever you want to buy anything from Amazon buy it via CrimeTalk. New computer or printer? A Kindle or iPad? Anything! Buy it via CrimeTalk! We get a small commission from your purchase so you support us without spending any more money than you would anyway! Decide exactly which product you want, go to our Amazon Search box on the Bookshop page, enter the object of your desire and buy as you usually would. If you all bought your new lawnmowers from Amazon, this e-zine would pay for itself!

Some blogs will cease or decline because of lack of funding, especially those produced by the employed whose employers have other priorities. See the discussion about reduced academic blogging in the Chronicle of Higer Education: Blogging, Extinction, and Sustainability. The situation is very similar to that which hit the music industry ten years ago or so. Everyone wants free stuff yet agrees that creatives should be paid too. The internet has changed everything and, large or small, we all have to find money. Look at the universities' huge tuition fees! Look at advertising on Facebook. Anyway, all helpful ideas and suggestions will be appreciated. Just write to me here at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Please remember: if you're in the UK, you can help support CrimeTalk financially by buying your books, DVDs and MP3s through our Criminology Bookshop, established in association with Amazon. If you all bought your criminology books through our bookshop that would make a big difference to our development! It's a simple method of helping us but very effective, and, after all, books from Amazon can be bought at cheap prices!To help CrimeTalk to continue and flourish as an educational resource, please donate £1 now, using the button below. All donations will go solely towards our development costs. 

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