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CrimeTalk is an educational resource for scholars, students, journalists, social/youth workers, criminal justice officials, lawyers, politicians and the general public. It grew out of my own need to keep press cuttings, to write short articles and comments which couldn't be published in academic journals, to organize my collection of weblinks, to discuss ideas informally, and other such research- and teaching-related tasks. It is not an academic journal but is more like a magazine in that it aims for a broad readership, a light touch and interaction between contributors and readers. Crucially, it is online - and therefore enables various possibilities and styles, e.g. photos, video, cartoons, audio etc - and it is very international. Only 40% of our readers are from the UK, where the editor lives; our web host is in the USA.

I welcome all kinds of writing in non-technical English for immediate publication, ranging from articles, short and long, reviews (books, tv and films), and brief comment pieces, to posts in our forums and comments on articles. You write posts and comments directly onto the site, after you've registered and logged on, but should send articles to me first. I'll work with you to produce a great result, whether you are a student or professor, journalist or member of the public. I edit everybody's work, lightly and mostly to fit the format and style, and aim for quality over speed.

We will publish at least one new Feature Article every month. The front page will highlight feature essays of around 3000 words and In Brief pieces of around 1500 words. Please discuss/send work by e-mail attachment for publication to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are aiming for a publication that is readable by a general global reader. They may be quiet but they are there, around 4,000 of them every month. So please try to keep the language non-technical, keep references down to the necessary, and remember that you are all citizens with experience of the subject, not just disinterested observers. 

All this includes fiction, especially can give better insight into reality than science sometimes, and also stuff written in languages other than English, which we will publish occasionally as a part of the site. We are open to our Forums in particular becoming centres for conversations in a range of languages. Please contact me about that.

We can also take videos and podcasts. Send them to me first of course and I'll find the right place for them. 

CrimeTalk is aimed at an international readership - so we want to hear a wide spread of experience, thoughts, ideas, information, theories, and policies from all over the planet.

All our articles are followed by comment sections and you can write comments on the articles of others using the Leave a Reply box or the Replybutton [to reply to someone else's comment]. Nor need it all be serious: humour is both a relief and an insight. We do have a Humour forum for those, like me, who need it.

For professional writers, such as academics and journalists, it is an opportunity to make your writing public and global, to float a new idea or argument or policy, or to present information to an educated niche audience. CrimeTalk in many ways is the underbelly to the final professional product - the important discussion, information, experiment and debate before completion.

CrimeTalk also offers CrimSoc, a social network page for those registered with CrimeTalk. There, you can post informal status messages, as in Facebook, and comment on issues and the news, discuss ideas and  your research. Or you can write to other members, either singly or as a group, via our private, secure, internal messaging or e-mail system. Use CrimeTalk for your needs and purposes! Just contact me if you're not sure how to do it.

You can tweet thoughts, links, news and other messages to CrimeTalk @CrimeTalkEd on Twitter, and I will then re-tweet some of them as appropriate. The latest tweets appear on the Home page and there is a list of the last 100 under the Library menu. 

In conclusion, therefore, apart from the home page, you can contribute your writing to:

1  The forums. There is, for example, a Comment on the News forum where anyone can directly write in observations on news stories in the current media - always include the link to the story. There are other discussion forums too: just register first and log in before making your comment. You can also create your own forums via the Editor.

2 The reviews section, which includes film, television and novels as well as academic books. Review copies of books will be provided on request - write to the editor to arrange. Do review our media - we need a kind of MediaWatch! Just send me your review if it is on a film or tv programme.

3  A Research section where you can publish research reports, notes, and diaries; unpublished essays and information about your works in progress, including student dissertations; student projects, individual or cllective; conference announcements and details; and where you can find many useful web links.  

4  CrimSoc: a social network site, a place where registered users from all over the world can talk/write to each other via secure and private e-mail or write public staus messages of comment or information, or even upload podcasts [e.g. of lectures] or videos.

5 Our new Education section, which offers articles of interest to our many readers concerned with education and its current state, including a strong archive on education and the internet.


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