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'One in eight soldiers' commits violence on return

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Aggression unleashed does not tend to involve some pacifyihg catharsis, in my view. The frustration-aggression hypothesis simply remains unproven; aggro tends to beget aggro. This story about the phenomenon of 'vet' or 'ex-squaddie' violence, something now widely noted in the US since Vietnam times of course, is an important recording of a new phenomenon for the UK. It should be added that I do not recall any such stories after the Second World War, which suggests the key triggers for violence by ex-military may well not be war or experience of extreme aggression, but more the poor, or problematic, or conflictful, social reception of ex-military after controversial wars. There is a big research project there for someone, but I doubt if it would be funded!

'One in eight soldiers' commits violence on return

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