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South Africa: Dealing with sexual abuse in prison

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South Africa: Dealing with sexual abuse in prison


"CAPE TOWN, 5 October 2012 (PlusNews) - “Here is the mess,” the warder said when he shoved Michael Adams* into an overcrowded cell in Allandale Prison, near South Africa’s Cape Town, 10 years ago. That first night, Adams was raped by two men, and he was repeatedly assaulted during much of his time behind bars. 

“Two gangsters came over to me and made me stand naked in front of the gang,” he said recently, now out of prison and working at a hospital. “They did things to me.” 

After his ordeal, a nurse told him, simply, “This is what happens in prison.” When he complained, the warder laughed at him. 

Adams says he contracted HIV from those assaults. But because he was still awaiting trial, he had to wait two months to see a psychologist, and, despite begging for an HIV test, it would be two years before he was diagnosed. He was not given access to antiretrovirals, and only started taking them after his release."

To read more of this excellent article from PlusNews: Global Aids/HIV News and Analysis, click on the headline above.......

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