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Talibe: the least favored children of Senegal

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 This social impact documentary raises crucial awareness about the plight of 50.000 quranic students, Talibes (young boys between 4-15 years old) who are forced to beg by their teachers and suffer exploitation in conditions akin to slavery.

TALIBE - The Least Favored Children of Senegal (2011) CLIP 1

In collaboration with local non-profit La Maison de la Gare, the documentary is made available for organisations and advocacy groups working to end the abuse of Talibes children.

The United Nations Assoc. Film Festival (Stanford University, 2011)
The International Human Rights Film Festival – This Human World (Vienna, 2011)
The International Human Rights Film Festival (Barcelona, Dec 2011)
The Bristol International Development Conference (Bristol, 2012)
The Africa World Documentary Film Festival (Cameroon, Nigeria, 2012)
London International Documentary Film Festival (LIDF 2012)


Please find out more about the Talibes here:

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