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Mau Mau veterans win historic victory

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Mau Mau veterans win historic victory

"I had to take a few minutes to write about the three Kenyans, Mau Mau veterans who won a historic victory today as a British judge gave them the right to sue the British government for atrocities and torture suffered under British rule.  The Judge trying the case rejected the government's claim that the three claimants should be suing the Kenyan government as it had inherited Britain's legal responsibilities on independence in 1963. Talk about chutzpah.

The Mau Mau uprising was one of the major factors that ended direct British control of the country.  The Mau Mau were mainly Kikuyi people whose land was taken from them by European settlers. The result was a landless people, unemployed and with little means of survival.  The African's whose land it was, had no rights and were forced to work on their own land as laborers for foreign farmers.

Thousands of Mau Mau were tortured, hanged or re-settled as as many as 70,000 were rounded up by the British especially under Operation Anvil. During the colonial uprising, the, "British would not admit that this was a war; they would not even admit it was a rebellion, fearing to do so might imply that the Mau Mau fighters had rights under international conventions."  *"

Read more from this piece by Richard Mellor at Facts for Working People by clicking the link above.

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