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Cannabis 'no worse than junk food', says report

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We seem to have a serious conflict of scientific evidence on cannabis. One minute, a Home Office report says there are significant risks of psychotic episodes after sustained use. Now, according to this authoritative government-backed report, it's got as little risk as burgers and fries or gambling!?

Or if you like your local fast food joint is as dangerous as your local weed guy. Mind you, have you seen the type-2 diabetes stats or what kind of minced beef goes into burgers? My other thought is that the banks and investment houses gambled billions on sub-prime mortgages so perhaps smoking weed is really dangerous....

You would think this was important enough to warrant a higher degree of certainty. Risks of psychotic effects may be low and may be linked to certain types of cannabis or weed, but they are devastating where they occur. Just like credit default swaps and the bad burger.....Anyway, the Report below seems worth a comment from those of you out there with some expertise or knowledge:


Cannabis 'no worse than junk food', says report

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Author:         Kate K

Publisher:    First Edition Ltd

RRP:              NZ$35.00

ISBN:             9781877572470

Format:         p/b

Publication: August 2011

Synopsis:     New Zealand publication exploring the links between cannabis and mental illness. Strategies for recovery based on the Te Whare Tapa Wha model.

Author bio:  Kate K is a New Zealand author and Registered Nurse with both personal and professional experience of the mental health and addiction fields.